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Review: Magical Mermaids & Dolphins oracle cards - Doreen Virtue

A deck of cards for the mermaid at heart. Filled with images of dolphins, mermaids and other sea creatures, this deck is perfect for the young at heart.

What's inside the box?

44 cards and guidebook
First published 2003
The 44 cards have an image, the theme of the card and short message.

The guidebook includes information about oracle cards and divination. She explains that these cards are 'specifically geared to help you manifest your desires, life purpose, and Divinely inspired dreams.'

The guidebook explains how to use the cards including how to prepare the new deck. She goes on to explain various methods of 'chosing' cards and spreads with paying particular attention to your intuition.

The remainder of the guidebook is dedicated to the individual meanings of all the cards in alphabetical order by theme. The general meaning includes a greyscale image of each card, the theme of the card, the short message on the card and an expanded divination meaning of the card.

The back of the guidebook gives a short bio of the artists and the author. 

First impressions - second time around

I believe I bought these cards during one of my oracle card shopping sprees. I saw them on special and had heard someone tell someone else how amazing they were. I don't remember using them too much back then and when I shook them out of the box last week I didn't have terribly high hopes for them. I was pleasantly surprised.

Using the guidebook

I was again impressed by the guidebook that accompanies the cards. This time Doreen puts much more emphasis on using your intuition when reading and to refer to the guidebook only if you're not sure what the card might mean. She explores the connection between your body's reaction and intuition.

Artwork: Delight Prescott
She describes oracle cards as a 'no-brainer way to contact Heaven,' that you 'can't make a mistake because the mystical Law of Attraction always draws the cards that mirror your thoughts and feelings.'

Interestingly she doesn't mention clearing the deck like she has in the previous three decks but she does offer many more ways to choose cards which help the reader to build confidence in their intuition. The methods include splitting the deck, fanning out the cards and picking out two or three, shuffling until you feel the urge to stop, paying attention to cards that jump out and working with other decks such as the Messages From Your Angels.

In regards to reading/interpreting the cards she puts strong emphasis on the cards 'telling a story'. In addition to this the deck has a trump card! She explains that if you draw the Divine Magic card that it increases the magnitude of the card next to it. 

Using the cards

After preparing the deck the way Doreen directs in the guidebook I began simply looking at the images and messages on each of the cards. Again this deck has input from various artists (25!) making the images varied though they centre around the theme of dolphins and mermaids. The cards themselves are sturdy and easy to shuffle.

What struck me as I looked at each card was that the themes/messages were so open. They guide rather than instruct. And they may be gentle but they are not fluffy. Some of the images are not to my liking and the deck and card cover is something I would imagine young teenagers, perhaps preteens, would love. But this is reminder for me ... don't judge an oracle card deck by its cover. 

The majority of the images reflect well the clear message of the card and I found myself not needing to delve into the guidebook for further interpretive inspiration. However, when I did delve into the guidebook the expanded message was clear and enriching to the reading.
Artists: Tranquility & Watch your thoughts - Mishell Swartwout,
Stay Optimistic & You're Being Helped - Jim Warren
Rest - Sachi Mayo
Protection - David Delamare
Self-Forgiveness - Corey Wolfe

Many of the cards are delightful to look at and help with the process of 'telling a story'. However, these cards also work well for the one off card in the morning or when faced with a situation. I had quite a few jump out and would laugh when it was of course just what I needed to read.

Final reflections

These cards are simple to use and I especially like how Doreen encourages the use of intuition and guides new readers on how to do this. Trusting your intuition can be a slow journey but the guidebook helps the reader take steps to practise. I would recommend these cards to beginners as the messages are clear and yet are open to interpretation.

I would also recommend these cards to both the young and the young at heart readers with an affinity to the ocean.


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